Claire Cameron-Smith

About The Artist

Claire is a woodblock printmaker using Japanese tools, techniques and materials to create single-block monochrome prints as well as multi-block colour designs. Her subjects are mainly inspired by nature, featuring flowers, trees, birds, and cows!

Her printing technique is water-based, involving the use of pure pigments together with rice paste on Japanese papers, and each impression in every print is done by hand using a Japanese pad, or baren.

Her original hand-pulled prints are mostly open editions, although some are limited.


An exchange visit to Japan ignited Claire’s interest in the country and it’s culture and she took this interest further by choosing Japanese Studies as her degree subject. Through her studies, her visits to Japan, and her interest in all things Japanese, she became aware of the process of woodblock printing. The tradition in Japan was based on the division of labour between several craftsmen who were experts in their field – designer, carver and printer each had their own distinct part to play in creating prints. It’s a bit different for Claire however, as from conception to final print she is the only person involved.  Claire is fascinated by the paradoxical concept of creating many copies of the same print whilst at the same time each of those prints is individual. Indeed, one of the most satisfying parts of the whole process, she says, is seeing a batch of prints laid out next to each other – they all appear at a glance to be the same, and yet each has it’s own minute variation and is an individual, original work of art, created by hand from the set of carved woodblocks.

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